Add price changes

In the Oui! booking plugin, you have many ways to change booking price:

– Options: For example “Breakfast”, “Insurance”, “Number of persons”, “Adults”, “Children”, …
– Taxes: VAT or others…
– Coupons: Offer a limited or unlimited number of coupons with code to give a discount to your customers
– Discounts: For example, you can enable a discount on a chosen period

To do this, first edit your booking space if you don’t already do it:

Select the price change you want to do: Options, Taxes, Coupons (Premium) or Discounts (Premium):

On the left side, you have price changes associated with the space. On the right, all the others available and the form to create new one. Enter needed informations here and click add button.

Now the price change should be associated with your booking space. If you want to deassociate it, just click on the arrow on the top left:

Do the same if you want to associate an existing price change to your booking space:.